We're Hiring!

We're Hiring !!! We're Hiring !!!

With world class customers such as league leading NFL, NHL teams to European Rugby Champions as well as Canadian and American Junior Hockey leagues - myplayXplay is set to change video replay/review and tablet computing in sports.  Additionally, with our success in professional and amateur Sport we also have trials deployed in the Surgical OR Theater.

With executions in iOS and Android SDKs, myplayXplay is a pinnacle product combining sport and tablet/mobile technology. This will be a rewarding career with our team.

Development is a challenging and rewarding career and endeavour. The biggest reward comes when your efforts are deployed and changing a space dramatically. That is exactly what happens when you work with a dynamic group such as the team at myplayXplay.

In just over two years myplayXplay has been deployed at some of the world’s best and most competitive clubs. Our product guides Championship teams to victory matching internally our own competitiveness to change the landscape of how video is used in live performance. We (and they) push boundaries of tablet use on field and in training in such an innovative way coaches and players wonder how they ever got along without the product you helped build.

We are expanding and want to add you to our team. You will become part of a creative group of developers interfacing with some of the world’s best and brightest in the coaching sphere.

Please respond if you love working in the creative and fast changing space of sports and video analysis. 

For an overview of our product have a look at the App Central review of our innovative development.


We are looking for candidates who are local to Toronto, Canada and the GTA.



Required skills

Proficiency will vary we know. The ideal candidate has better than 50% of the below skills. Most important are language proficiency and an aptitude to digest and learn the toolsets that follow.



  • *SQL (3+ years)
  • *PHP (2+years)
  • *Python (2+ years)
  • *JavaScript (2+ years)
  • *Shell Script (2+ years)
  • *C/C++ (3+years)



  • Linux (5+ years)
  • OSX (4+ years)



  • *Apache (5+ years)
  • *MySQL (5+ years)*SQLite (5+ years)git (4+ years)
  • *ffmpeg (2+ years)
  • cron (1+ years)
  • mediastreamsegmenter/m3u8-segmenter (2+ years)phpMyAdmin (2+ years)
  • NginX (4+ years)



  • *OOP (8+ years)*Server/Client architecture (8+ years)*CodeIgniter (6+ years)
  • *MVC paradigm (6+years)Video compression (3+ years)
  • Video streaming: HLS, RTP/RTSP (3+ years)*Networking: TCP, UDP, checksums, packet routing (3+ years)
  • *CGI (3+ years)API development (2+ years)
  • Bonjour/Avahi/zeroconf (2+ years)Flask (2+ years)
  • Master/Slave concept (2+ years)
  • Memory management (2+ years)
  • *Multithreading (2+ years)REST (2+ years)*Sockets (2+ years)
  • SSDP/UPnP (2+ years)
  • USB communication (2+ years)*JSON (2+ years)
  • Live555 (1+ years)
  • Video conversion: mp4 <--> MPEGTS (1+ years)*bitwise logicSQL injection/sanitization


Hardware (bonus):

  • Basic circuit elements
  • microcontrollers (386, ARM)
  • circuit analysispower supplies (voltage, current, power specs/requirements)
  • RF concepts