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myplayXplay's Multi-view camera feeds to iPad.

Early in my broadcast and production career I was held in awe of the expertise shown by my engineering mentors, peers and colleagues. Individuals from Sony, CBC, Global and many more production houses across Canada. They were all gifted individuals doing something, that to me, was just truly amazing and even artistic in its own way. Especially beautiful was the elegance of the video wall in the broadcast truck. In a simplified description, vision all orchestrated from multiple camera into the switch, the patch panel and cable bundles wrapped and labelled all in the right conduit ports. Then the magic, night after night, flawless functionality, seeing the wall light up with powerful images from deployed cameras and how we could intently target the monitor wall. A number of years later HD ushered in a whole new era of multi-view processing and flat panel LCD displays. Switching and matrix'ing the clean feeds now began to take on personality. A single button touch could redirect and re-purpose each and every portal window of the event production at the whim of the technical director.

myplayXplay's Multi-view camera feeds to iPad.

In my mind, at that time, there was an understanding of what this could mean if it were feasible to put that capability into the hands of the viewer, the user, the analyst, the coach. In professional sport it might be classed as a god-like experience or more appropriately one of a military general. What was fundamental then and now is that this kind of control in a monitoring application would have profound effects topically on the subject matter being played out in front of the cameras.

Fast forward 15 years! At #myplayXplay those building blocks of end point contextual switching have taken shape in our #iPad iOS App. The ability to take multiple angles and allow a user to define their viewing condition is now possible and associated all in a rich, wireless untethered user experience. With some very hard work on our part we venture to change in game how video will be used for performance and coach improvements. 

Having achieved 4 feeds easily it has been our investigation that the upper limit is really only limited to network capacity and data throughput (video resolution driven) on each feed. The bigger question for coaches, when they ask for all camera angles, is can the brain easily process so many views of the game while also making high value decisions on the game. It is a user interaction and experience question. 

Our first demo is a Dual Camera View where myplayXplay lets the user choose two discreet angles. While user can pick two angles they can also have a battery of cameras to select to view.

When in Dual Camera View mode we then introduce a number of features not possible outside the context of myplayXplay and an iPad. For example zooming in on detail now opens up the possibility of utilizing 4K feeds for digital pristine pixels of key zonal video review. That is to say we will eventually have 4K cameras on game play and pinching to zoom will yield extremely tight vision on a Scrum from rugby or a Face-off in hockey.

This next in viewing concepts is 4 up. We will be trialling this view shortly with a Super Rugby team in Australia. It is a significant amount of information to view in one scan of a our field of vision.

What we do know is that myplayXplay is the first live feed game system of its kind that will relay and present multiple game feed angles for coaches. What we don't know is that when coach asks for all angles will he be able to really use them? We think so. 

The new era of a handheld multi-view video wall is here! But it is here with so much more in contextualized review/replay and tagging. The application developments and scenarios are truly incredible.

How an App gets built! Truly. A 2015 year in review with myplayXplay

myplayxplayAs we start December and near the end to 2015 we take note of what has been achieved by myplayXplay in the sports space. In all sport as a matter of fact. We first set out to innovate for coaches around Hockey. We are now at World Cup qualifying teams for Rugby, test nation Cricket as well as Stanley Cup contenders in the NHL and in training session for NFL teams . Wow. Cool only partially describes it. And ... a highlight this year ... we have taken the pedagogical concepts of video break-down on iPads to new markets in Surgical OR. This holds enormous promise as we endeavour to help train better surgeons. Video, contextualized, is that powerful.

We are always quick to showcase myplayXplay's ease of use and zero day training philosophy. (listen here at Ireland's TodayFM "53:00 minutes as one rugby player describes using our product during RWC2015) But what happens under the hood of our app, and in the background, to get to that ease of use where our coaches and players can simply tap to mark an event/clip in order to breakdown video Live is anything but easy. 

On a daily basis we visit, install, demonstrate, get on calls, GOTO meetings, Citrix sessions and Google+ hangouts,  while all these activities occur we press forward with no real ability to quantify the effort that is being made. Which is to say we never truly know the outcomes. But we put our best effort into all of it because we believe we are the best way forward in a video solution. Driven by this belief because we have already been selected by high calibre teams, coaches and staff as mentioned, globally.


We get on planes, trains as well as into Uber and Hailo taxis. We deploy and demo Live in game, make efforts to re-style coach methods in training sessions, we climb gantries in high winds, we freeze because we went from one account in one country in hot weather to another in sub zero temperatures and we didn't pack properly. Sometimes, we take a near hit on sideline from a player (it happened :) as we take notes on feature requests. We jot down bugs, we respond with quick prototype app builds. Bespoke features are welcomed and put into ordered lists for implementation. We watch Apple release schedules which are always challenging! And as new devices and hardware appears in market we are testing continually and ongoing. New IP network challenges and engaging IT groups in large venues can be easy and hard. We troubleshoot the video feeds from OB truck at times right up to first whistle! Of course, lets not forget that we also stay the course with daily stand-ups, review meetings, bug report rundowns, QA testing and all that great white-boarding on figuring out how best a new feature will get put in or how the logic on the server will drive a result in App.

myplayxplayWe are saddened when our product is highlighted on broadcast television but the other guys get the credit. But we never get dissuaded from the higher goal and we push on. We have challenged the status quo on what is possible over IP networks. We interact with so many bright and intelligent people, coaches, players, and we have even met presidents! We take their criticism constructively, welcomingly, sometimes frustratingly, mostly with a smile and a legitimate thank you. 

But always ... when we hand the iPad to a head coach, a player or analyst or see some of the best coaches and players in the world using us in game on broadcast TV and their first response is a smile we know we have the right way forward for the game, any game.

myplayxplayI thank my team, current and those who have moved on, for their efforts in making an innovative thought into an innovative product. What we see in use on the front end in App is the result of a massive amount of creativity, intelligence and brilliance on the development end. 

This is how you develop an App. In the field, with the customer, hearing them first hand what they want and how they want it. At least it is with our App. And we are proving it at least every weekend.

While I might be a few weeks early .. Success and achievements to all in 2016.

We're Hiring!

With world class customers such as league leading NFL, NHL teams to European Rugby Champions as well as Canadian and American Junior Hockey leagues - myplayXplay is set to change video replay/review and tablet computing in sports.  Additionally, with our success in professional and amateur Sport we also have trials deployed in the Surgical OR Theater.

With executions in iOS and Android SDKs, myplayXplay is a pinnacle product combining sport and tablet/mobile technology. This will be a rewarding career with our team.

Development is a challenging and rewarding career and endeavour. The biggest reward comes when your efforts are deployed and changing a space dramatically. That is exactly what happens when you work with a dynamic group such as the team at myplayXplay.

In just over two years myplayXplay has been deployed at some of the world’s best and most competitive clubs. Our product guides Championship teams to victory matching internally our own competitiveness to change the landscape of how video is used in live performance. We (and they) push boundaries of tablet use on field and in training in such an innovative way coaches and players wonder how they ever got along without the product you helped build.

We are expanding and want to add you to our team. You will become part of a creative group of developers interfacing with some of the world’s best and brightest in the coaching sphere.

Please respond if you love working in the creative and fast changing space of sports and video analysis. 

For an overview of our product have a look at the App Central review of our innovative development.


We are looking for candidates who are local to Toronto, Canada and the GTA.



Required skills

Proficiency will vary we know. The ideal candidate has better than 50% of the below skills. Most important are language proficiency and an aptitude to digest and learn the toolsets that follow.



  • *SQL (3+ years)
  • *PHP (2+years)
  • *Python (2+ years)
  • *JavaScript (2+ years)
  • *Shell Script (2+ years)
  • *C/C++ (3+years)



  • Linux (5+ years)
  • OSX (4+ years)



  • *Apache (5+ years)
  • *MySQL (5+ years)*SQLite (5+ years)git (4+ years)
  • *ffmpeg (2+ years)
  • cron (1+ years)
  • mediastreamsegmenter/m3u8-segmenter (2+ years)phpMyAdmin (2+ years)
  • NginX (4+ years)



  • *OOP (8+ years)*Server/Client architecture (8+ years)*CodeIgniter (6+ years)
  • *MVC paradigm (6+years)Video compression (3+ years)
  • Video streaming: HLS, RTP/RTSP (3+ years)*Networking: TCP, UDP, checksums, packet routing (3+ years)
  • *CGI (3+ years)API development (2+ years)
  • Bonjour/Avahi/zeroconf (2+ years)Flask (2+ years)
  • Master/Slave concept (2+ years)
  • Memory management (2+ years)
  • *Multithreading (2+ years)REST (2+ years)*Sockets (2+ years)
  • SSDP/UPnP (2+ years)
  • USB communication (2+ years)*JSON (2+ years)
  • Live555 (1+ years)
  • Video conversion: mp4 <--> MPEGTS (1+ years)*bitwise logicSQL injection/sanitization


Hardware (bonus):

  • Basic circuit elements
  • microcontrollers (386, ARM)
  • circuit analysispower supplies (voltage, current, power specs/requirements)
  • RF concepts



Elite Sports Performance

The team at myplayXplay will be at this event showcasing in booth its unique App on iPad. New feature releases such as Multi-cam and Player Cloud access to be showcased and demonstrated. 

Video and its use in sport has never been more prevalent than it is today. While many tools exist, none fully address the need for instant feedback on performance.

myplayXplay' has come to market with a very different approach. It is a streaming application and platform, which is targeted to multiple users, for in game live performance to iPads. Designed from the ground up for tablet workflows, it is fast, portable and deploys in minutes.

The myplayXplay solution is built with the coach and analyst in mind. From amateur Ice Hockey to International Rugby and even now Cricket, myplayXplay is the first and only real-time tool employing video to enact change and flow throughout the course of a match.

myplayXplay is the future of video in game for both live and training sessions. It detaches the user from the conventional hook ups and place-shifts the video, to where it is needed or where a decision process is required for play review. The coach box, the bench, an officials review room, or to medics on field. Being on iPads also means that the product is very straight forward and easy to use. Touch, Tap and Swipe, is all one needs as they have become an expert user of the product. It is easy to explain that myplayXplay is a zero day training proposition yielding maximum value in a video system. If you have ever used an iPad then you know myplayXplay.

myplayXplay' (my-play-by-play) is a first of its kind, live streaming video sport analysis technology. Using iPad tablets with an interactive, easy-to-use hardware and software solution it enables coaches, sports and medical staff to use iPads to review and interact with a game on video as it happens live. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, myplayXplay is currently in use with Ireland`s rugby team IRFU, Welsh Rugby WRU, Guinness Pro 12 teams and Select NFL franchises. The product is also in beta with premier soccer league teams in Europe. In North America it is being used today with Ontario Junior A Hockey League (OJHL), Eastern Junior Hockey League (EJHL) Midwest Prep Hockey League (MPHL) as well as the National Hockey League (NHL).