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#Liverpool F.C. adopts #myplayXplay for medical oversight and invokes/innovates new protocol for player welfare and live analysis.

A famed stadium through the decades. The cue into the Kop as far as the eye can see, and a sea of red with a ballad, or more rally cry, for all.  To attend game day at Anfield in Liverpool is a defining experience. To contribute to their game is special. Just as the new stand build is refreshing the iconic vision that is Anfield, and its team Liverpool F.C., so does the Medical and Analytics staff with technology to ensure player welfare and an innovation of a new analysis paradigm. 

#Liverpool F.C. adopts #myplayXplay for medical oversight and invokes/innovates new protocol for player welfare and live analysis. myplayXplay deployed to Liverpool F.C. recently and have set in motion several firsts in the beautiful game. With unique refinements and feature additions bespoke for LFC the App has a strong potential to overhaul player welfare protocol, and on a whole, the use of video technology for replay analysis. The App continues to push the instant review/replay agenda with a momentous strategy to help lift unwarranted restrictions on the use of video and technology.

This is about player welfare and fitness and we must never dismiss technology when efforting to protect our players.
Dr. Andrew Massey, Head of Medical Services.

Dr. Massey's brief comment is met with excitement acknowledging his ambition and commitment, echoing two of the club's four values. As an MD he is right in his need for the system but as a technologist we relish his input while developing new workflows and protocols with the myplayXplay software team!

The old workflow meant medical staff had to rely on an infrequent and shared fixed feed at sideline. This process was described by some of Barclay's Premier League staff in attendance as being hit or miss. Having witnessed the fixed line feed directly giving it a fifty per cent effectiveness is likely too high a rating. They would see instance on field and then they would wait with the expectation of possibly not being able to review the play. If they were lucky Liverpool staff would get an additional replay. This was all at the mercy of the broadcaster on air schedule. Not ideal when your attempting to evaluate an injured players health.

With the use of myplayXplay they have gotten a rich in-App review/replay and tagging redundant viewing scenario. All operated on big bright #iPadAir2 and #iPadPros with a simplicity of a touch, tap and a swipe. This unprecedented control now allows multiple team staff on field and additionally several up high to keep a close eye on questionable tackles, body hits and concussions .

Deployment day was an unquestionable and unparalleled success!  The product now enables so many more eyes for oversight and analysis. The day also built on the earlier success the system had for LFC where Dr. Massey was able to evaluate and assess Dejan Lovren on the field.

In one unfortunate event the entire myplayXplay workflow and process had proven invaluable. In the old way Dr.Massey might not ever see the severity of the hit or tackle. In the new way Dr. Massey's inflow of decision critical information increased dramatically aiding his prognosis and possible on field treatment.

The team at myplayXplay look forward to achieving even more with Dr. Massey and his staff. 

About myplayXplay
myplayXplay™  (my-play-by-play) is a first of its kind, live streaming video sport analysis technology. Using iPad tablets with an interactive, easy-to-use hardware and software solution it enables coaches, sports and medical staff to use iPads to review and interact with a game on video as it happens live. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, myplayXplay is currently with Ireland’s rugby team IRFU, Liverpool FC, and Wales Rugby Union WRU. In North America it is being used today with Ontario Junior A Hockey League (OJHL), Eastern Junior Hockey, And the New York Rangers at the NHL, League (EJHL)  Midwest Prep Hockey League (MPHL) as well as the National Hockey League (NHL).

myplayXplay at Bournemouth FC

The myplayXplay team were a success at the Bournemouth vs. Burnley game this past weekend. The ability to tag while in grandstand was successfully demonstrated and put into production by the Bournemouth Analysts. myplayXplay is unique in that it is almost zero training time required to setup and go to work. — in Bournemouth, United Kingdom.