The Experiential Screen. Combining #iPad Pro and #myplayXplay - A turning point for Coaching, Video Analysis and Medical Review.

On New Years Eve I traveled through the night to Dublin Ireland to size up using iPad Pro with a myplayXplay install. The question was ... Does the iPad Pro and its size usher in the advent of iPads surpassing the notebook as a users main computing device? Our customer was playing on New Years Day. Connacht Rugby's use of myplayXplay has always been exceptional and are without a doubt a team representative of how we envisioned our kit being put into live game. How they took on the iPad Pro was even further encouraging. And, as I had anticipated, Apple's latest iteration of a tablet computer possesses the ability to change everything.

The Experiential Screen. Combining #iPad Pro and #myplayXplay

It is the new "smaller but bigger screen"! Huh, you say? I agree, that statement is a contradiction. But as experiences go the iPad Pro is shifting the idea of what we use day to day in a new bigger but highly portable screen size. The iPad is a very large, completely enveloped, brilliant immersive vivid picture involvement. And, even with its obvious displacement being on the larger scale, it becomes a feather-light giant screen presentation display for a coach, analyst or doctor that rests easily in their hands. myplayXplay of course is a video replay and instant review solution for players, coaches, analysts and doctors live in game.

The Experiential Screen. Combining #iPad Pro and #myplayXplay

When we combine the myplayXplay App with iPad Pro the view of the game changes dramatically. At this screen size, untethered, with unrivaled HD quality myplayXplay allows for high value decisions to be made live in game. Dene Hills of World Cup winners Australia Cricket puts it this way.


 " ... with myplayXplay there is just something special and compelling about the game presentation in HD video made to coaches and allowing contextualized control of replay on an Air2, or a giant screen in hand with an iPad Pro."


The Experiential Screen. Combining #iPad Pro and #myplayXplay When you have this of kind of video fidelity combined with an App like myplayXplay it compels coaches to interact to say the least! (listen here at 53:00" to one players recounting during rugby world Cup 2015) . It is so powerful that we have witnessed coaches become so engrossed with the myplayXplay App continually looking at game play on iPads in conjunction to watching the field of play.

This was my aha moment during this New Years Day game. What is the reaction when users have iPad Pro in hand? Well, in fact, when we moved Connacht Rugby coaches to iPad Pro all other screens supplied by the OB Truck or Macbook running older generation video feeds were mostly ignored. Our theory holds true, that when using myplayXplay, when I can hold it like a book, yet it feels like a sheet of paper and it responds instantly to my requests while being big in presentation ... now ... I have transcended my current experience for a better, bigger and more responsive one.

The Experiential Screen. Combining #iPad Pro and #myplayXplay

What about our ever increasing medical player welfare agendas by pro teams? What can the experiential screen yield in this application?


#Injury and #Concussion are well understood at diagnosis but the opportunity to understand if a diagnosis is necessary at times is quite elusive in sport during game performance. Pace, speed and how quick the injury occurs means if your not watching you just can't see it. This is no longer the case when we point myplayXplay and iPad Pro at the problem. This is the true experience of contextualized control and massive video that we have been demonstrating and encouraging with teams for months. That is to say, it is an untethered wireless, huge in presentation and a finger tipped controlled video required contingency with myplayXplay. For many of our Doctors who use myplayXplay their stance on injury review dictates that they have at least one iPad at every game to do specialized review of incident. Once an incident on field is identified, it is replayed and reviewed and replayed exhaustively. This, then leads to the kicking off of various protocols to evaluate players health status. Can they play or are they removed from field.  Seen here, a UK Premier League Doctor on field doing exactly that protocol cited above with myplayXplay for one of his players.

The Experiential Screen. Combining #iPad Pro and #myplayXplay

The use of iPads and HD video with myplayXplay gives an instant understanding of what was needed for his player. The use of our tool in this situation was exemplary. Does the prognosis change without myplayXplay, likely not. However medics and doctors with video are now better informed to treat him. With bigger and better video that the iPad Pro will allow means even greater visuals for insight and understanding into the severity of injury as it happens.

Crystallized New Years day in my mind is this ... myplayXplay is not just the creation of an App for a sports user base. No, in fact, we are fundamentally changing the behaviour of coaches, analysts and sports medics. We do this in congruence with the next generation of computing devices. 

Whether you are coach, player, analyst or doctor combining iPad Pro and myplayXplay is a winning combination.

And, we have so much more to come.