A World Cup class victory for myplayXplay

The opening of Rugby World Cup has been a real spectacle. The performances and heart put into each game has been inspired. The scoreboards in many cases do not indicate the competitive action and fierce battles occurring on field. Many of us here at myplayXplay are keen to start our day with our product in this same manner. Fitting that we pursue rugby and its technology hungry analysts and their desires and needs in game.

For myself #RWC2015 is especially personal. Not only because it is our first but also because it is a story and vision that has been realised with the help of two great powerhouses. Ireland and Wales understood very early on the value in what we do in game and in performance. More importantly their action on a game by game basis prove our model of streaming video and wireless transmission, with context, as being a vital component and the future of how video will be deployed in game. When so many others told them, "can't be done" or worse "why would you want to do that?" then tried and failed, the team at myplayXplay moved head and just made it easy for all levels of user on teams. And of note ... The "whys" are yet to be discovered in many cases. Both these teams find new uses and continue to fill my feature funnel!

We continue to innovate around the core product bringing new workflows into the scope and the vision of the ever changing solution that is myplayXplay. Are we perfect ? Pretty close ! No, of course not. But that comes with the technology territory and venturing out past the comfort zone for you as analysts. We do however always get the ball over the line. Which is a big deal as we liken ourselves to being more a David and Goliath story - a theme not missed in the global game of rugby and also demonstrated in no small victory by Japan. Also of note ... many of the Goliath in our Analytics world state "No" and "Can't be done". Yet on daily basis this talented team disprove their conjecture and our customers bust their myths around what is good video and the comment, "that can never work". Ask them!

Continued success to all Rugby participants and a great RWC2015 to you.

Ivan Reel, CTO AASI myplayXplay