Check out on ice TEACH from on iPad to BIG screen at St. Andrews College

When we set out developing myplayXplay it was not to just create an in app video solution that stayed in app on tablet. We looked at the entire ecosystem a coach sits within. We wanted to enhance their coach technique of play, ingest, review, and then teach. But our TEACH is live. It is that ability to let coaches retrieve and recall for when it matters most.

This past summer we installed myplayXplay campus wide for St Andrews College. Now from almost anywhere on campus Coach can retrieve clip and review plays from server. In this shot coach Manning is swapping tags just before their first exhibition game at their newly built arena from his office.

With our expert implementation of Airplay in APP we give the ability for Coach Manning to playback full screen HD wirelessly from iPad to AppleTV against the glass. Training session takes on a whole new meaning with his ability to replay performance immediately during an on ice teach session.

The attached image of Coach David Manning Saint Andrew's College in Aurora, Ontario allows him to place shift content to wherever and whenever he needs it. Thumbs up for innovative coaching style using top technology from the team at myplayXplay.


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