Staff at myplayXplay have been excited to help out at the USAhockey Development Camp all week in Amherst USA.

We talk about the workflows that myplayXplay can yield for various coaching styles .. USAHockey head coaches put it all into practice these past two weeks in picking their U16 and U17 teams.

From on ice practice to on the bench during games and then off to the lecture halls, myplayXplay possesses the flexibility to accommodate all instances of use. Other systems can't approach this kind of flexibility. Simply getting clip to user is a laborious and inefficient task.

myplayXplay from the ground up is built to ensure elegance and that content travels easy from live game to post analysis.

The size and scope of the event has easily been addressed with our innovative solution in a video platform. Where competitive systems attempt to accommodate simple email clip to iPads, myplayXplay, at this event, has no less than 5 iPads in each arena receiving streams to allow dynamic tagging to occur real-time and without delay. Instant retrieval is also allowed and with simple iPad navigation there has never been a more easily managed video platform available to so many users at one time in any live event.

Because we also download fast to iPads ... Post the long day on ice and of reviewing events live, users then bring iPads to hotels and are easily scrubbing and reviewing again for performance and communicative purposes to attending players at Camp. Best of all they do it all from their iPad attached to a big screen Television. With additional planning we can also enable fully Airplay capability to Apple TV!

What was also evident is that the user group can be expanded based on individual's discipline. Meaning, we witnessed Goalie coaches, Head Coaches and Referees watching and reviewing live video each and every day simultaneously! We break down the barrier to entry for users who wish to push the envelope of utilization of video in their game and coaching style.

Theses workflows are not developed by mistake. The idea of iPad in production for live event is what we have built from the ground. We are not attempting to bolt features onto legacy PC or OS X video applications. It is the vision in practical execution utilizing standards in WiFi, Video and iPad. And it works!

myplayXplay is the future of video performance and tagging to mobile devices such as iPad.

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