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myplayXplay on SportsNet

"A great Teaching tool", "Great Display Technology", "Teams always looking for that edge ... ",
This and more used by SportsNet Commentators to describe myplayXplay. One of the most advanced video tools for Bench and Sideline.

Innovative Canadian technology aids coaches during game time. myplayXplay is video Live-To-Bench. Wireless to iPads, simple and easy to use.

We love this ... We love what we do with video for teams to iPads.

Technology products in sport are being adopted at a rapid pace. Coaches globally are constantly looking for that edge at game time.  Winning of course is everything. Payroll alone demands it. But while many sporting organizations choose a path of post game analysis with data and video the New York Rangers have ventured out and done more in adopting myplayXplay for live in game video in conjuction wth their current workflows in post game.

Much of the time at myplayXplay we get asked questions about stats and data analysis. Generally our responses to these questions are lack lustre. We do have many plans for stats analysis in our kit and relish the idea having data sets from Opta and NHL hits plug into myplayXplay mapping against our video. (to name a couple) But the core focus of our product is what we do with LIVE video. And, let me tell you, we do LIVE video extremely well.

How well? .... The October 30th 2015 game NYR vs. TML was illuminating when it came to highlighting that fact about how diverse and flexible we are with video to iPads. During a Coach Challenge the NYR bench had more video information given their expert use of the product. There was no need to wait for the BigScreen to play the incident back. And they were able to review exactly the same footage that was being presented to referees via the in-house system specifically built for this purpose of Coach Challenge review (example above inline, not myplayXplay). What yielded was a result that all three coaches were better informed about what was about to happen. And this is but one benefit to using myplayXplay.Of even more importance is what was happening off bench. (image above) The product is truly unique in that other coaches high in gantry are also using the product and also get a real time game feed. As we are not tethered to any cables (users are mobile) allowing myplayXplay to place-shift anyone who needs the game video in the venue. So the question .. what about all that valuable time while Coach Challenge was occurring ?.. Well obviously we aid those same coaches to review the video and become invaluable as they look back in time on occurrences that need to be addressed in game.

The team at myplayXplay are creating a value proposition to coaches of all sport discipline. An unparalleled capability in video that is LIVE in game and when it counts.

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Check out on ice TEACH from on iPad to BIG screen at St. Andrews College

When we set out developing myplayXplay it was not to just create an in app video solution that stayed in app on tablet. We looked at the entire ecosystem a coach sits within. We wanted to enhance their coach technique of play, ingest, review, and then teach. But our TEACH is live. It is that ability to let coaches retrieve and recall for when it matters most.

This past summer we installed myplayXplay campus wide for St Andrews College. Now from almost anywhere on campus Coach can retrieve clip and review plays from server. In this shot coach Manning is swapping tags just before their first exhibition game at their newly built arena from his office.

With our expert implementation of Airplay in APP we give the ability for Coach Manning to playback full screen HD wirelessly from iPad to AppleTV against the glass. Training session takes on a whole new meaning with his ability to replay performance immediately during an on ice teach session.

The attached image of Coach David Manning Saint Andrew's College in Aurora, Ontario allows him to place shift content to wherever and whenever he needs it. Thumbs up for innovative coaching style using top technology from the team at myplayXplay.


USAHockey Magazine features myplayXplay in September 2014 Issue

What a wonderful feeling ....

... just arrived home from Ireland to ensure the boys at Connacht Rugby got off to a great start ... They did indeed with their win as coaches enthusiastically commented on how cool myplayXplay was to use during game ... I picked up the latest issue of USAHockey and saw our company highlighted as a technology leader in sport for next generation tools for Player Development. Action = Results

Stay tuned we have so much more to come.

Staff at myplayXplay have been excited to help out at the USAhockey Development Camp all week in Amherst USA.

We talk about the workflows that myplayXplay can yield for various coaching styles .. USAHockey head coaches put it all into practice these past two weeks in picking their U16 and U17 teams.

From on ice practice to on the bench during games and then off to the lecture halls, myplayXplay possesses the flexibility to accommodate all instances of use. Other systems can't approach this kind of flexibility. Simply getting clip to user is a laborious and inefficient task.

myplayXplay from the ground up is built to ensure elegance and that content travels easy from live game to post analysis.

The size and scope of the event has easily been addressed with our innovative solution in a video platform. Where competitive systems attempt to accommodate simple email clip to iPads, myplayXplay, at this event, has no less than 5 iPads in each arena receiving streams to allow dynamic tagging to occur real-time and without delay. Instant retrieval is also allowed and with simple iPad navigation there has never been a more easily managed video platform available to so many users at one time in any live event.

Because we also download fast to iPads ... Post the long day on ice and of reviewing events live, users then bring iPads to hotels and are easily scrubbing and reviewing again for performance and communicative purposes to attending players at Camp. Best of all they do it all from their iPad attached to a big screen Television. With additional planning we can also enable fully Airplay capability to Apple TV!

What was also evident is that the user group can be expanded based on individual's discipline. Meaning, we witnessed Goalie coaches, Head Coaches and Referees watching and reviewing live video each and every day simultaneously! We break down the barrier to entry for users who wish to push the envelope of utilization of video in their game and coaching style.

Theses workflows are not developed by mistake. The idea of iPad in production for live event is what we have built from the ground. We are not attempting to bolt features onto legacy PC or OS X video applications. It is the vision in practical execution utilizing standards in WiFi, Video and iPad. And it works!

myplayXplay is the future of video performance and tagging to mobile devices such as iPad.

myplayXplay debuts at Canada's Memorial Cup in London Ontario!

myplayXplay is at Memorial Cup astounding officials and league convenors with it's amazing simplicity and high value system of HD tagging.

Referee Officials doing extensive play review in their hotel suite with myplayXplay. Noted comments were " ... we get high value, high quality video playback with ease of use and simplicity in an App. myplayxXplay changes so many things to our current workflow."

St Andrew's Hockey 1st team myplayXplay classroom pregame review.

We came back to check in on Dave Manning at St. Andrew's College. Check out his pre-game classroom workflow to his boys before they step on the ice against their opponent. Note his use of the telestrator in myplayXplay. This was our vision of how myplayXplay gets used post and pre-game. We are Live tagging but yet so much more to a coach and staff. His team is 23 and 3 on the season and winning all their tournaments! — with Ivan Reel and David Manning at St. Andrew's College.