Choose Your Stadium Tablet Video Weapons Wisely. It could impact your result!

Did Microsoft lose the Championship for the Patriots? It is no laughing matter to think so. But the reality ... maybe!  And, after all, it came down to the final play for the win.

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myplayXplay was not there and we don't fully comprehend the error on the day accept that a Microsoft technical support person identified the fail as "connectivity issues". To the team at myplayXplay this was our likely conclusion as well. A database or server failure was never really in consideration as the problem at hand for the Patriots.

In the development of myplayXplay fail-over redundancy in connectivity has always been top of scope and the highest value in the chain of features. Delivery must not fail.  In our minds if only one moment was lost that was to be reviewed/replayed then the product failed.  Hence our reason for "Mea Culpa" on Microsoft's part in the Patriots loss.

Choose Your Stadium Tablet Video Weapons Wisely. It could impact your result!

As a result myplayXplay has become a very different solution by comparison to what Microsoft has attempted for the NFL. And the comparison ends at "we both use a tablet". A major differentiator is that myplayXplay is a Full HD Video streaming solution and not just Still Images. We are also well into shipping our product as a Multi-camera and Multi-angle video delivery platform to iPads off Broadcast (OB) truck. As well as streaming video we also deliver to bench and sideline HD quality clip as start/stop action or what we call "duration tagging". The two conditions mean redundancy in multiple video types as far as our backend services are concerned. Or more simply ... the user will always get some type of video to them.  It is simplification but serves as a brief for understanding how our product works. 

Choose Your Stadium Tablet Video Weapons Wisely.

It goes without saying that in Venue/Stadium connectivity, the problem this weekend, is a Bear and amazingly complex. Of course, it (RF and WiFi) being the problem, is our assumption and who is to ever really know from yesterdays game.  However you may ask .. well what has the myplayXplay team addressed in the way of stadiums? This past year alone we were, and are, in use and have setup at, Wembley, Twickenham, Aviva in Dublin, Stade De France, Olympico in Rome, Anfield in Liverpool as well as Millennium in Wales to name just a few. We also have an NHL team that sets up in every major rink across North America. We know venue! And knowing venue, understanding Radio Frequency (RF) maps and your own situational awareness for game in, game out success is key and paramount. The rules apply to any and every single major stadium in the world. It is not Voodoo or Black Magic as I have heard described and cringed at when heard. It is a technology and is part of your kit as a Sports Statistician and Analysts. Do you need to be a accredited network specialist. No, but it could not hurt. We have seen many Venues/Stadiums saturated with RF and even Doppler Radar systems have created problems, yet as we guide our customers through setup they smile as they come out of game with zero faults or errors. We don't relish being the technical support guy from Microsoft on the sideline for the Patriots game. In fact, we train and educate our user base how to make sure he is never that guy before the first whistle even blows! And that is the key. Training and Education as connectivity awareness is the only real concern at game time in our new technology requirements for teams and sport.

Does the platform pick by a team have much to do with the woes encountered by the Patriots? Not for us to say. But as a Professional grade #Apple #iPad and iOS option and alternative we have accounts every weekend with far less dedicated technology staff to ensure success. Happy to report, we are successful every weekend with some of the biggest brands and names in sport.

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Choose Your Stadium Tablet Video Weapons Wisely.

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