• Coach’s Picks


    Coaches have a special section where they can view the clips they have defined from the Mobile Marks Coach Tagging Device. 

  • Download to Device


    Need to keep a local copy of the game on your tablet? Simply select the game to download from the online archive. There is also an offline mode for you to continue to tag should the server not be available. Next time you login the work you have done while offline gets submitted back to the server for later retrieval by other users.
  • Easy Setup

    myplaXyplayTM is built to travel. Game to game setup is a snap. All housed in a ruggedized road case users can simply plugin and start streaming the game to tablets quickly. And creating your own WiFi means no need to ensure Ethernet connections have been made available at the opposition arena.

  • Filtering

    Filtering, by single or multiple tag sets

    myplayXplay’s powerful filtering schema means that coaches can quickly find the clip they want. No more scrubbing a video timeline to find the one clip needed now. Narrow your searches by defining what type of game play you wish to view and get immediate feedback on those filter choices.
  • Instant Replay


    Instant ReplayAt the heart of the myplayXplayTM is a powerful stream server waiting for commands that a user has issued from their tablets. It is the world’s first LIVE venue system of its kind pulling in HD video replays from the team bench. Similar conventional hardwired systems cost tens of thousands of dollars.   Whereas myplayXplayTM over WiFi is economical and affordable.

  • Multi User Tagging


    multi user taggingmyplaXyplayTM is an advanced multi-user tagging and marking platform. The solution is designed to perform with as many users as the local network can accommodate. Whether it is two users or twenty myplayXplayTM is built from the ground up to function as a team solution. 

  • Network Archival System


    The server is also a robust online archival system allowing the end user to navigate to prior content and retrieve either full games or a set of clips. 

  • Social Sharing

    Bookmarks Sharing, Social Platforms

    Need to send clip to other users outside the myplayXplayTM ecosystem. No problem. Pick a clip and note it as a bookmark then choose to email or Facebook share those lists to your intended recipients.
  • Tablet Telestrator


    myplayXplayTM is the first system of its kind to enable, on the bench, telestration on tablet devices for any piece of game play LIVE! This has always been reserved technology of big bulky whiteboard systems in the change-room or the broadcast studio. myplayXplayTM does it with ease on a LIVE game feed with HD video on tablets. Your telestration is even archived for later review!